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* Most banner ads only $4.95-$19.95 a month! No minimums! Can be canceled at any time!
* General Life Time Listing only $79.95 one time fee!
* Banner Ads Include 
 - Gold star next to your listing on your respective state page

Advertise Your Wedding Business  

'Top Vendors' banner ad 
Location of Ad: Midwest Wedding Planner Homepage - Right Column
Banner Size: (125x60)
Cost: $19.95/month   
  'Large Banner Ad - Homepage' 
Location of Ad: Midwest wedding planner Homepage, underneath the Midwest map. 
Banner Size: (468x60)
Cost: $19.95/month   
'Featured Monthly Listings' banner ad + brief description 
Location of Ad: Midwest Wedding Planner Homepage - Left Column
Banner Size: (200x80)
Cost: $24.95/month  
Note:We only allow 2 monthly listings at any one time. There is currently one Featured Monthly Listing, and only one more opening left so sign up today! Also note, The position of the two listings will be alternated every two weeks so that both listings can be the first listing. Also you will remain the featured monthly listing until you cancel your listing.  

'Large Pop Up - State Page' banner ad + full description (click here to see example)
Location of Ad: Pops up once customer arrives on your respective state page. 
Ad Size: (400x190)
Cost: $29.95
Note: there is a maximum of one pop up banner per state, so your site will be very visible. 
  'Top State Vendors' banner ad 
Location of Ad: respective State Page - Right Column
Banner Size: (125x60)
Cost: $4.95/month   
  'Large Banner Ad - Top' 
Location of Ad: Top of respective State Page, before any other listings
Banner Size: (468x60)
Cost: $19.95/month   
  'Large Banner Ad - Middle' 
Location of Ad: Middle of respective State Page, after first 5 listings 
Banner Size: (468x60)
Cost: $9.95/month   
   'General Lifetime Listing' *
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Cost: $79.95 (one time fee)
For a limited time when you sign up for our lifetime listing, you will receive free for one month, a star next to your listing,  on your States Page.
* Hopefully this site will exists for decades to come, but since we cannot tell the future, by lifetime we mean the lifetime of this site. However you are guaranteed to you have site listed for AT LEAST one year from the time you sign up. 
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